Artisan Designed Silk Scarves & Cravats

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I design patterns to create artisan fabrics & make silk scarves & cravats.

The patterns on these pure silk scarves are created from oil paintings I've crafted by hand and then had printed on silk. As there are many tones of oils in the original paintings, there's often an effect of brightness that runs across the surface of the silk - a little like they way light hits water. I find this lifts and flatters the complexion, whilst the boldness of the pattern creates an eye-catching design.

As a member of the Butterfly Conservation Society, the motifs I've used are taken from drawings I've made of butterfly wings. However, the colour collections were created independently. Whilst the motifs are painted in oils onto a large canvas according to an algorithm I've devised through academic research. I use oils because I like the subtlety of colour they produce.

The fabric I've chosen is an old fashioned sumptuous weighty silk, with a type of weave that has a beautiful drape and luxurious feel. Like old cravats found in antique shops, they mould into soft folds once handled. Hand washed with care, they'll last a lifetime.

Address & Contact

C/O Unit 10, Harland Works
72 John Street
South Yorkshire
S2 4QU

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