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"Great app. We use it to post deals and promotions regularly and it never lets us down. Highly recommend a great tool for businesses and customers!"


"Great services always. Snizl, gets the job done fast, it's the only thing a small business needs to survive in these tough times"

Sarah Evans

"Easy to use, reaches audiences well and performs well. Very happy and would highly recommend"

Maryann Taylor

"Joined a few hours ago, so easy to navigate around"

Glenda Douglas

"I love Snizl it is so easy to use, everything is straight forward, the support is amazing they really want to help you!"

Xkaix C

"Great app, great analytics, great response… What's not to love?"

Quentin Cope

"Allows you to promote your business with ease. Super easy to use and navigate site!"



Reach more customers

Quickly build followers interested in your business by posting Deals, Promotions, Events & Competitions.

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Generate sales

Send Deals and Promotions to your followers via push notifications directly to their devices, with a high chance of converting.

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Get results

All the stats are combined into one simple dashboard. See how many views, clicks, and conversions your post generated.

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Simple features that Get Results

Promote your Deals, Promotions, Competitions & Events to thousands of engaged people.

Create Powerful Posts

Instantly Post Deals, Events & Promotions to over a quarter of a million people.

Reach More Customers

Snizl Posts get shared all around the web, attracting people from multiple channels.

Real-Time Analytics

Discover which Posts perform the best with our Real-Time Analytics.

Sell Products

Sell your products on Snizl with incredibly low transaction fees.

Viral Competitions

Quickly build a following through Free Competitions.

Boost Your Posts Premium

Push your Post to the top of the Feed or to your Followers for increased visibility and engagement.

Advanced Analytics Premium

Unlock Claims and see where your traffic is coming from.

Advanced Posting Premium

Increase your engagement with editable Call to Actions along with improved audience targeting.

Image Galleries Premium

Add multiple images to your Posts for higher conversion rates.

Marketing Support Premium

We will promote your Posts and give ongoing marketing support.

Newsletter Promotion Premium

Get featured in our Newsletters to nearly half a million Users*

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Get more customers with Snizl Posts

Snizl posts reach an interested audience on the Snizl Feed, get found on search engines such as Google and can be shared anywhere.

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Ready to reach a larger audience?

Business Competition
megaphone-2 Build an audience

Easily build an interested following

Snizl Competitions rapidly build followers interested in your business and handle all of the admin, so you don't have to!

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profits Get Results

See the combined Analytics in one place

Get actionable data on every post no matter where the traffic comes from, all in one central place.

  • See impressions, views and claims.

  • All the traffic combined into one.

  • Get actionable data on every post.

cart Generate Sales

Generate sales with Snizl Boosts

Unlike other platforms Snizl gives you the power to directly market to your Snizl followers with push notifications.

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