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The number 23 represents W, the 23rd letter of the alphabet, without which, you wouldn’t be able to complete the words, water, wood, weather, or wheat; just some of the things that go into making fine wine, whiskey and other spirits.

As with all good things there is one last W. The wait. Quality takes time.

23 Wine & Whiskey, specialist independent retailer of Fine Wine & Whisk(e)y, Fine Spirits, from local and around the globe. Situated in the Leicester city centre on Granby Street, close to train station giving easy access to visit our store.

We have been trading since 2008. What started as a convenience store in Leicester and it has now developed into a specialist store. It was on 17th of November 2008 when we took the possession of the keys and here is the co-incidence that exactly after 10 years we had this opportunity to bring you the Leicester's first ever Whisky Festival at Space Center. This year festival Leicester Dram Fest 2019 happening on 16th of November 2019 at Mercure (Grand) Hotel in Granby street Leicester. Find out more information and to purchase your tickets click here.

We believe in bringing the products that are niche and are produced with lots of passion and love for the product. We are dedicated to sourcing interesting and hard to find spirits & wines.

A lot of people have asked us about the letter (e) in our name 23 Wine & Whiskey. As majority of us know that all Scottish and other World Singlemalts, Blends, Blended Malts & Grains are spelt as Whisky. Where as Irish & American are spelt Whiskey.

However we kept the 'e' in the Whiskey because we believe that there is a Whiskey for Everyone. The only way to find yours is to explore! So come along!

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23 Wine & Whiskey, 64-66 Granby st

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