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Captivate Designs
Posted 2 weeks ago


I hand make Unique & personalised memorials and gifts.
I found when I was looking for a memorial to remember my Dad that all the available memorials were very traditional, which really isn’t his or my style so that’s when I came up with Captivate, my designs are stylish contemporary and modern which suit my home and my customers it also is a effective way to keep my Dad close and remember him everyday.
I use Ashes were required in my designs, I also have a unique tool to make transparent photos that look almost holographic when crafted into my memorials.
I don’t just make family members and loved ones memorials, I also do a special collection for your pets because they are too a very big part of your family.
I hope you love looking through my collections and if I can be of any assistance please let me know 😊

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