Donald Mackenzie Co.

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In such a short amount of time the world has literally been shoved into the online space. It no longer matters if people like it or hate it - It no longer matters if people think they’re capable of shifting online or not ... all that anyone can do right now is embrace our new reality and make the best of it. All that separates challenge from opportunity is perception.

To those of you that have taken the further steps and actually started your online business I am so truly proud of you. Starting any business naturally comes with it’s own challenges. Ours is no exception - the only difference is that here, as a collective, we actively work together, day in and day out, to make the journey of our members as enjoyable and lucrative as possible. Nobody here is alone - and I think today - more than ever - it is clear why that is so important.

The road to success, and the journey of an entrepreneur is not always an easy one. This uncertainty is why not everyone tries to start their own business. It’s take courage - and most of all it takes stoicism. You must stay the course. Day in - day out. Success may not come today - but it could tomorrow - unless you take action, you will be left behind!

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