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Welcome to my Wellness Drug free Business Page.
I am an Independent Associate for Voxxlife - A wearable neurotech company. Products instantly improve Balance, strength, range of movement, plus increased energy and improved pain management. Helping people improve their wellness and sports performance.
The original and foundation neurotech is available in socks, insoles, patches, knee support and shape wear.
These products are drug free, non electrical, non magnetic and non invasive. The company is Canadian and has just launched in the UK in January. The products are only available through distributors either directly or through online website.

Voxxlife HPT ( human performance technology) is a special proprietary pattern embedded in socks, insoles or a patch, that when it comes into contact with the receptors on the balls of your feet or forearm triggers a neuro response in the brainstem which puts your brain in homeostasis or balance.

Why Voxxlife? - Simply because the products have changed my life. As someone who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago, I was not able to continue my teaching Career due to the constant pain, tiredness and foggy head. I would find it hard to keep up with family on holiday and when I did play tennis it would wipe me out for the week. Last July I was given a pair of Voxxlife socks and insoles to try. It was incredible, I found I was not getting the same constant exhaustive pains and was not feeling tired. I played tennis and found I was running faster around the court and hitting the ball harder and i have so much energy. i now play 3 or 4 times a week and also started running again after 40 years. I have my life back and believe I now have a purpose again to want to help as many people as possible by sharing these amazing products.
If you would like more information or would like to arrange an assessment/demonstration please contact Angela Smith.

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