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About us:

We provide professional corporate and residential cleaning services, within the London area and beyond. We also offer a highly acclaimed and affordable Airbnb Management service, that is more affordable and accountable in the process. We are professional, polite and punctual, and with our distinctive uniforms, very well presented.

Our contract cleaning services are specially tailored to each customer's needs, and we serve both the corporate and residential market. Whether you're a homeowner, landlord or large corporation, we have the knowledge and expertise required. We are also fully compliant with UK Health and Safety legislation.

During these difficult times, we follow guidelines, and all our staff wear personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves.

Recently, in response to customer enquiries, we teamed up with the team at steri-7, and introduced disinfectant fogging to our service profile.

V-Fog is a completely safe disinfectant mist, that not only kills 99.999% of all hamful pathogens on contact, but leaves a protective barrier on all surfaces. This intense protective barrier has lifted cleaning to a different level, called bio-security.

For a limited time only, all corporate and residential customers, who sign up for a new weekly contract, will receive this service free of charge.

That is a gift value of £149.00

Also, to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our services, we provide 24/7 customer communication via WhatsApp and virtual chat. We are always available to answer your enquires, and each client has direct access to a personal contract manager, who has been briefed about your property and preferences.

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Ealing Broadway
Greater London

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