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Covering central Scotland from Edinburgh to Glasgow and Stirling to Dundee

Highly experienced in Confined Space, Safety Management System, Control of Work, Risk Management, Safety Inspections and audits, policy and procedures, reports etc. Worked in COMAH and non COMAH sites.

Why I stand out from the crowd

In every sector of every trade, some people are academically minded, and some are practically minded, a few are both, and there is the unfortunate few who are neither. I am from the practical side, I learnt most of my knowledge by being hands on, listening and learning from others as well as time studying.

I believe that I am different from others. I stand out, my experiences are many, the way I operate is different, my beliefs and priorities are unique and therefore the services I offer my clients are exclusive. This is not only in my working life but also in other activities that I am involved in.

So where did it all begin, this health and safety life education

After school I decided to go to sea as a deck officer cadet with the Ben Line Steamers of Edinburgh. I ended up spending 15 Years as a deck officer rising in rank to chief officer. The one thing about being at sea and working on a ship is that the crew have to be able to do and repair everything, you cannot contact trusted traders and have someone there the next day to fix a problem. What this taught me was being able to problem solve, think outside the box and being adaptable.

Following rules, procedures and processes ends up being second nature, whether it is the rule of the road for collision prevention, to following loading and discharging plans and procedures to minimise stress and forces on the ship to tank wash procedures and processes to comply with pollution regulations.

Apart from being a deck officer we also had secondary roles such as safety officer, medical officer, cargo and stability officer, navigation officer, GMDSS radio officer, the list goes on. We were used to working as par

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