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Posted 7 months ago

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I am Zoe from Biz Utilities and I am helping many business owners around the UK analysing your business utility bills for FREE and to check if you are being overcharged!

I know I could help your business, send me a copy of your utility bill and I can analyse and get you the best market price and reduce your payments for you. Save and not waste money on overcharging utility companies.

I have helped a lot of businesses reduce their expenses on their utilitiy bills and also I DO work for you for FREE to make this happen.

My tel is 07738238123 if you would like a chat regarding saving you money on your business utilities or please message me on facebook to send me a bill (front and back) I will get the best lowest price for you straight away.

Hope to speak to you soon

Thank you

Director of Biz Utilities

Address & Contact

15 belle Vue rd

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