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We are an Online Estate Agents who cover the UK. Anyone is free to advertise on our site. We offer an advertising service to customers who want to also advertise their Property on any of the major Portals eg Zoopla. We charge £120 for up to 6 months of advertising or until your Property is sold if sooner. This means that we are much cheaper than our competitors and give our customers good value for their money. A typical "brick and mortar" Estate Agent will typically charge between 1-2 % of the Property Sold Price as their fee, which includes creating and distributing Property Schedules, Arranging viewings, adverts in local Newspapers, and also on the front of their Offices, and their professional services. They also need customers to bring their Properties up to their requirements in terms of presentation. Avoid all the hassle and advertise directly and much more cheaply through us, and sell your Home faster.

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