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I started making candles in 2019, my inspiration for turning this into a business was fired after I began making candles for my friends and family that were inspired by my passion of the scents found in nature and the feelings and moods they evoke.
Every time I gave one of my scented candles as a gift, I was given such a joyful response I decided to develop my passion into a business and at the start of this year I took a leap of faith and started Candles by Rhae Chen.
I knew I wanted my candles to reflect my beliefs in helping protect our environment, sustainability and the use of natural products and reflect the beauty and abundance of the natural ingredients from around the world.
It was especially important to me that my candles not only smelt heavenly but also looked beautiful too as I wanted them to stimulate as many of our senses as possible, after all we see, smell and hear the gentle flicker of a flame, a giver of light and succour to our soul too. I wanted to my candles to feel, smell and look different to so many of the heavily perfumed and unnatural scents that are already available on the market. Which can cause an overpowering and artificial scent in your home. so, I decided to only ever use the highest quality essential oils, ingredients and fragrances. I only use soy wax. whether it is for the jar candle or a pillar candle. All my candles our all natural, environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free.
So why not step inside and take a look at my range of lovingly handmade candles buy one and let it take you on a journey. Whether that be to relax and unwind or to feel uplifted and you soul empowered. I have a scent for every mood. So, turn down the lights, run yourself a hot bath, light a candle and drift away into a world of bliss and let your imagination take you away.

Each candle I create is handmade with love, care and attention to detail. I believe that every customer should feel special when they purchase one of my candles.
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