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Sensory Toys4U Ltd
Sensory Toys4U Ltd
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Our Story

Drawing on our years of experience in the multi-sensory, special needs toys industry, we are a young, bright company offering a treasure trove of products and resources; all designed to nurture and encourage children's natural curiosity to explore the senses through sensory toys & games.

Having a child of our own that has ADHD and potentially, ASD and really enjoys having sensory toys to play with, we wanted to create a business that is the “one stop” shop for all sensory needs and toys. We know how hard it is when your child has a melt down even more so if your child has ADHD as it can cause children to be restless all the time, act impulsively, and have a hard time paying attention. But with some children with ADHD have different signs—focusing all their attention on one toy, for instance, and not wanting to play with anything else. Children with ASD often avoid eye contact and don’t seem interested in playing or engaging with others. Their ability to speak may develop slowly or not at all. They may be preoccupied with sameness in textures of food or in making repetitive movements, especially with their hands and fingers and here at SENsory Toys4U, we know how you feel

About SENsory Toys4U and our best-selling toys

From our experiences of a child with autism, we established SENsory Toys4U to help you find the toys and resources you need for your children.

How we select toys for children with special needs?

We carefully select and review toys and resources bearing in mind how easy they are for small or weak hands to use, the multiplicity of play opportunities, their sensory value and their robustness.

Who buys from SENsory Toys4U?

As well as families, our customers include schools, nurseries, childminders, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, portage workers, educational psychologists, care home workers and childrens centres. SENsory Toys4u helps to make learning fun and rewarding for you and for children.

Opening Times

Mon: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tue: 9:00am - 5:00pm
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