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NEW - Mini Burger Sliders (Pack of 6): £3.98!

NEW - Mini Burger Sliders (Pack of 6): £3.98!

By Snizl for Field & Flower

NEW - Mini Burger Sliders (Pack of 6): £3.98!

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Looking for a party canapé to impress your guests? Our Burger Sliders take the hassle out of party planning and they taste delicious too. Made by our head butcher in Somerset with our finest grass-fed beef mince, simply assemble with your favourite selection of toppings. We recommend melted cheese, gherkins and plenty of English mustard.

Six burger sliders per pack.

Sourced from a handful of farms in Somerset, our West Country beef is grass-fed, free-range and high-welfare, meeting our own exacting welfare standards. We dry-age all of our hindquarter cuts on the bone for a minimum of 28 days, developing flavour and tenderness. The meat contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and is loaded with vitamins and minerals due to the grass-fed diet. Hand-butchered in Somerset using traditional techniques, our grass-fed British beef is the best that you can get.



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