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Menopause - Natural Help

Menopause - Natural Help

Your Natural Wellness

Menopause - Natural Help

Event Dates

6:00pm, Thu Aug 6th
7:00pm, Thu Aug 6th

About this Event

Are you interested in Women’s Health & Wellness?
Would you like to learn HOW to support your body naturally through the changes that your monthly cycles, peri-menopause, menopause and hormonal changes bring? This is the class for YOU!!

We will explore essential oils, protocols and supplements to support the following areas 🦋

✔️ Hormonal balancing
✔️ Natural alternatives to HRT
✔️ PMS
✔️ Hot flushes
✔️ Weight management
✔️ Bone Health
✔️ Emotional Health
✔️ Sleep
✔️ Establishing a daily wellness routine

We are using ZOOM to host the meeting so please download ZOOM to access the class.

Click here at the advertised time 19.00 (UK GMT time zone) to enter the class http://www.sharersworldwide.co.uk (or copy & paste the link into your browser)

After the class please message me on 07712668832 if you have any questions.

Also any feedback or comments on the class would be very much appreciated.


6:00pm, Thu Aug 6th


7:00pm, Thu Aug 6th

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