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Worcester Repertory Company presents: Jesus My Boy

Worcester Repertory Company presents: Jesus My Boy

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6:45pm, Fri Mar 30th
8:00pm, Fri Mar 30th

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Price: £12.50

Meet Joseph, just about the worst carpenter in the area. He first got to know his wife when she returned to complain about a table she had bought from him. It didn’t stop him asking her out and they eventually got married. A pretty unremarkable marriage until Mary announces that she is pregnant and that Joseph is not the father...

When the boy grows up, he turns out to have a remarkable talent with wood, lending further weight to the idea that Joseph may not be the father! The young man has more important things to do than make furniture, however. He must set out on the road to his destiny; an agonising death followed by the most remarkable set of events the world has ever seen.

This is a stunning one-man play, the story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Joseph, an ordinary and down-to-earth man, dismayed about how his image is later portrayed in Christian artwork!

Jesus My Boy is extremely humorous, incredibly moving, and beautifully and cleverly written by John Dowie.