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Under Milk Wood - Starring Guy Masterson

Under Milk Wood - Starring Guy Masterson

Event Dates

7:30pm, Fri Feb 2nd
10:00pm, Fri Feb 2nd

About this Event

Celebrating a day in the life of 'Llareggub' – a small sea town somewhere in Wales – all 69 ebullient inhabitants in Dylan Thomas's timeless masterpiece are hilariously recreated in an amazing feat of memory and virtuosity. Complemented by a stunning original soundscape, it's bawdy and beautiful, sad and sensual and, through the music of language, leaves indelible, unforgettable images of humanity. Made famous by Richard Burton's legendary recording in 1954, Guy Masterson (Burton's nephew) brings the entire work to vivid life on stage. This astonishing solo performance premiered in 1994 and has played over 2000 times all over the world, enchanting audiences wherever it has played.