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Event Dates

7:30pm, Sat Feb 3rd
10:00pm, Sat Feb 3rd

About this Event

Theatre Tours International presents: Shylock
Written and directed by Gareth Armstrong, performed by Guy Masterson

Shylock has always divided opinion. Is he a villain or a victim? Or is he someone even more intriguing? There is no doubt Shylock is hard done by in The Merchant of Venice, but does he bring it on himself? As one of only two Jewish men in the whole of Shakespeare, he has been portrayed in ways which reflected how Jews were popularly viewed – from comic villain in Shakespeare's day to a victim of racial discrimination nowadays. This award-winning, poignant, powerful yet humorous performance brings us Shylock afresh in one of the most globally successful solo shows of the last decade. Guy Masterson delivers a stunning performance that celebrates the beauty of language, the power of history and the magic of theatre!

★★★★★"Innovative, delightful, exceptional!" The Independent

Tickets £12.50 when booking Under Milk Wood & Shylock together!