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21pk Bath Bombs Set – Mixed Scents

21pk Bath Bombs Set – Mixed Scents

Helen’s Little Cave Of All Sorts

21pk Bath Bombs Set – Mixed Scents

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21pk Bath Bombs Set – Mixed Scents Description
Light some candles, play your favourite soothing tunes and sink into tempting tranquillity with this deeply relaxing bath bombs set. With 21 bath bombs and seven different scents to choose from, you'll enjoy spa-worthy treatments in your very own tub again and again. Aaaah!

Exploding with irresistible perfumes, essential oils, hydrating almond oil and luxurious honey, these bath bombs will nourish your entire body from top to toe, leaving you smelling as good as you feel!

These fragrant bath bombs come in seven different scents with three of each, including Parma Delights, Dessert Delights, Charlie Bear, Blue Lagoon, Green Apple, Very Berry and Bizzy Bee, and are finished with pretty pastel colours in a beautiful flower shape.

Passionate about protecting the environment, these bath bombs come in reduced-waste packaging, making these a gorgeous rustic gift for your loved ones (or to treat yourself!). What's more, these bath bombs aren't tested on animals, perfect for cruelty-free beauty buffs.

Each bath bomb is delicately handcrafted with the purest, natural ingredients, giving you the most luxurious and high-quality bath bombs you've ever tried!

Simply drop a bath bomb into a tub of warm water and watch the bath come to life with vigorous effervescence. With added Bicarbonate of Soda, these bath bombs even soften your water for a gentle cleanse, even on sensitive skin.

Discover the calming, stress-relieving bliss of bath bombs today and get ready to relax!

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