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Ergo Table Set Sits 8 (ET104)

Ergo Table Set Sits 8 (ET104)

Flower Garden Leeds

Ergo Table Set Sits 8 (ET104)

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Hand made in the UK and delivered assembled.

Stunning ergo design table with 8 individual chairs. Made from chunky solid wood, designed to last many years. Pressure treated.

All of our products are hand made. They are made from wood which is a natural product, so there may be slight imperfections like cracks or splits in the wood that may occur with changes in the weather, these natural characteristics are due to the wood losing moisture during warm and dry seasons, and during exposure to intense sunlight. During colder and wetter seasons the wood will uptake moisture again which will reduce these splits or cracks. This is of no detriment to the product. We try our best to get rid of splinters and rough edges but we may not eliminate all of them.


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