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30% OFF - Kastle Skis MX75 With Bindings!

30% OFF - Kastle Skis MX75 With Bindings!

About this Deal

£718.00 £1,026.00 Save 30%
The MX75 is considered legendary. It's been in the Kastle range for many years and for good reason. An all mountain/piste performance ski, the MX75 is a lively ski that offers amazing edge grip and stability at high speeds.

With an innovative sidecut, new carbon-reinforced HOLLOWTECH 3.0 and classic race-inspired sandwich construction, the MX75 is the most dynamic all-mountain ski within the Kästle MX line.

This is a powerful piste ski that also takes the odd foray into the backcountry in its stride with supreme dampness and precision.
Ski Geometry
Sidecut: 124mm Tip - 75mm Waist - 103mm Tail
Turn Radius: 11.3M (151cm), 12.6M (158cm), 14M (165cm), 15.4 (172cm)
Weight (per ski): 1615g (165cm)

Ski Specification
Core: Powerzone Wood core with Polar/Beech Core and Poplar/Paulownia outer wall with Fibreglass wrap
Sidewalls: Race quality sidewall - tuneable
Base: Race quality sintered base
Features: Hollowtech 3.0 lightened tip with shock damping

More about Hollowtech

Kastle's patented, key technology is unique to ski manufacturing. By removing unneeded layers in the front of the ski Kastle make the ski lighter. This results in several advantages: the ski becomes up to 30 % damper, the ski feels more stable, edge-grip is more powerful, steering is more precise and the overall weight is reduced.

The new version 3.0 of Kastle's HOLLOWTECH technology has been revolutionized: It is now even lighter and features exclusively in the FX and PX ranges. HOLLOWTECH 3.0 is created in two layers. A new outer ring cuts out even more materials to save more weight. The size of the HOLLOWTECH is precisely matched to the shovel of each particular model - for performance that´s unbeatable.

IMPORTANT: Buying Skis From The Skiers Lounge

When you buy skis from The Skiers Lounge we always QC check them, and wax them properly with a ski waxing iron before dispatch. This is because the wax on nearly all brands of skis is for transit protection, and most often applied as it rolls over a waxing brush and into cellophane packaging. We do not charge for this because we believe all new skis should have a good wax before first use.