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MyDNA - DNA Diet Testing Kit - Cheapest On The Market - £59!

MyDNA - DNA Diet Testing Kit - Cheapest On The Market - £59!

By Snizl for Lloyds Pharmacy

MyDNA - DNA Diet Testing Kit - Cheapest On The Market - £59!

About this Promotion

myDNA Weight Management Test

• Exclusive to LloydsPharmacy
• A sample meal plan and personalised advice on weight management
• Specialists in DNA and genetics

Your DNA, Our Expertise

myDNA are specialists in what makes you, you. With wealth of experience, the focus has always been to continuously build up on a range of innovative genetics tests that specialise in health and wellbeing. Information in your genes can be analysed more accurately to help you live better and longer.

What is myDNA?

The DNA test results using, myDNA can educate individuals with personalised advice to help you make more informed, healthy and lifestyle choices to not only look good but become a 'better you'.The test also discovers how your body uniquely responds to certain diets and several ways of exercising. The new personalised Weight Management DNA Testing Kit helps you decide which diet may be best for your body and find efficient ways to support your weight loss goals.

What is the Weight Management DNA Testing Kit?

The kit simply focuses on your diet, metabolism, appetite, body fat and how all these factors can be understood and improved. MyDNA is there to assist all the way, to ensure all goals are met by providing you with a personalised diet report and sample menu based on your unique DNA profile. You will receive a personalised weekly sample meal plan as well as guidance on lifestyle choices and portion control.

More about my test results...

The personalised report can help you understand how your genes can impact a variety of weight loss factors, including;

• Unique insights into you genes
• Identifying why you could be gaining weight
• Recommended serving guidelines
• Why you may not be feel full after eating?
• How your body processes fats (lipids)
• More about FTO, sometimes known as "Fat Gene"
• A weight management objective, whether for weight loss or maintenance

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