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#JeSuis - Aakash Odedra and his group of dancers

#JeSuis -  Aakash Odedra and his group of dancers

By Snizl for Birmingham Hippodrome

#JeSuis - Aakash Odedra and his group of dancers

Event Dates

7:30pm, Thu Feb 15th
10:00pm, Fri Feb 16th

About this Event

What is the relevance of a life in conflict? When stories are told so carelessly by the media, it seems that individuals are lost and we only see what the cameras want.

#JeSuis brings the lens upon a group of dancers whose place in the world is presented by the media as unwanted neighbours; countries where human catastrophes are a daily given.

Aakash Odedra has developed #JeSuis with a group of Turkish dancers he met in Istanbul. It is inspired by their collective responses to misinterpretations of their motherland by the media. Wrapped up in wider issues of displacement, refuge, instability, both politically & geographically, it portrays their frustrations of life in a homeland that doesn’t know the meaning of “home” anymore. A place where people keep struggling for a sense of peace; where freedoms/choices are becoming luxury and the main hope is to be safe.

#JeSuis is accompanied by a musical score composed by long-term collaborator Nicki Wells and lighting design by Fabiana Piccioli.

This production takes place in The Patrick Centre, Birmingham Hippodrome.

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7:30pm, Thu Feb 15th


10:00pm, Fri Feb 16th

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