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Bitlocity - Earn $25 and $50 Payouts

Bitlocity - Earn $25 and $50 Payouts


Bitlocity - Earn $25 and $50 Payouts

About this Promotion

With Bitlocity you can earn $25 and $50 regular payments direct to your wallet....and then EVEN MORE with the bigger packages

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Three of the ways to earn with Bitlocity:
1. Straight Line. You will start by purchasing the one-time $25 straight line position. Plus the yearly $25 Admin Fee.
You will be placed in a straight line consisting of all members. You will get pushed to the top by others
coming in behind you. When you get pushed out, you earn $25 to your wallet and you get placed back in the
line to do it again. NO REFERRALS NEEDED.

After you purchase the $25 straight line position, you can then purchase the $50 straight line position which
works the same as the $25 straight line position only you earn $50 instead of $25. NO REFERRALS NEEDED.

2. Unilevel. Starting at the $75 level, you get paid the level amount for every direct referral that upgrades
to that level, with the exception of referral No3 and No10 which goes to your sponsor.
3. 1x3 matrix. Starting at the $75 level, you get paid the level amount for referral No1 and referral No2.
Referral No3 money goes to sponsor and another 1x3 matrix is opened up for you.

A lot of money can be made here. It would be in your best interest to share the commission plan video and your link
to try and get at least 3 referrals so that you can maximize your earnings.

Joining link: or

also here is a replay of the latest webinar presentation

Get onboard to Earn at
The speed Of Success.

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