Posted 3 years ago by The UK Cat Photographer

Get great photos of your black cat!

Get great photos of your black cat!

About this Promotion

Ever wondered what a professional photographer can do that your phone can't? Take a look at this picture of my Mia.

Because Mia is a black cat, the camera has difficultly picking out her details. When you take a photo with a phone, or even a professional camera on auto mode, your device will decide what settings to apply.

The second picture shows how my professional camera processed the image without my input- you'll see Mia looks like a black blob with very few details, and you can barely make out her eyes.

The first image shows how a little bit of professional editing can really make a picture shine, bringing out the details in her fur and the glint in her eyes. The white balance is also corrected.

Of course this isn't the only way to get great shots of a black animal. I'll be posting a blog with some ways of getting better shots of your furbabies from your camera phone in the future- watch this space!

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