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CharlartsCrafts Wax Melt Sample Box

CharlartsCrafts Wax Melt Sample Box


CharlartsCrafts Wax Melt Sample Box

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Not sure and don't want to commit to buying anything? Try out are top selling scents that our customers keep coming back for. Find the ideal scent for you with this variety wax melt box and transform your home into a bliss paradise of stunning aromas.

The Scents that you will keep coming back for
In this wax melt variety box you will receive 2 hearts of each of the following 10 scents:

Budding Roses
Black Cherry
Easter Egg
Sweet Grapefruit
Dior Sauvage
Twilight Lavender
Snow Fairy
*depending on stock these scents can change*

Try us out, and you'll fall in love with our wax melts
Try out our scents by buying this box at a very low price. This will allow you to try a good variety of our range and understand which you love. You will love them all!

Our wax melts are handmade in the UK. We are a small business and appreciate your support! We make all of our scents with the maximum possible fragrance to ensure a beautiful scent throw.


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