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Blush Pink Teddy Fleece Weighted Blanket

Blush Pink Teddy Fleece Weighted Blanket

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This super-soft teddy weighted blanket from our Brentford range has been expertly crafted to relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety and ADHD. With the innovative teddy fleece outer layer, you will be warm and cosy and this will ultimately help promote a soothing and deeper sleep. Using revolutionary 'Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation' therapy - known for releasing a sense of serenity and calm - the compact stitched pockets distribute weight evenly across your entire body, creating a calming, snuggle effect. Certified, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic micro glass beads contained within the 6 inch pockets and microfibre cover, makes this blanket healthy, breathable, comfortable and durable, whilst also stimulating the stress points. This Brentfords sensory weighted blanket contains several loops allowing you to attach a cover, for easy care.

Available in 3 sizes containing different weights means the weighted blanket is suitable for both adults and kids alike. Consult your physician for recommended blanket weight, although this is usually between 7-12% of your body weight. The 4kg blanket is ideal for children, whilst the 6kg and 8kg weight is suited to adults. Please note: this product should not be used by very young children, who are unable to move the blanket themselves.

Material: Cover - 100% teddy fleece polyester, padding - 100% polyester, filling - certified, non-toxic micro glass beads.

Available sizes;
* 125x150cm - 4kg weighted blanket (8.8lb)
* 125x180cm - 6kg weighted blanket (13.2lb)
* 150x200cm - 8kg weighted blanket (17.6lb)

Available in blush pink and silver grey.

Hand washing and air drying is recommended.