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30% OFF REMAP - Custom Stage 1 (RRP£399)

30% OFF REMAP - Custom Stage 1 (RRP£399)

About this Deal

Transform Your Car Today

Add power and improve power delivery throughout the rev range...

⭐️ Improve Towing Ability
⭐️ Improve Throttle Response
⭐️ Improve MPG
⭐️ Remove Flat spots

This car already drives nicely with the original 160 hp and 350nm torque, however like most modern engines, there are a few restrictions that we can lift to enhance performance even further.

On paper, the gains might not seem very significant, however, how they translate into on-road performance is pretty impressive.


Mike remapped my insignia for towing my caravan up to 200 ps from 160 and 70 nm more torque, thanks to Mike just come back from Cornwall pulled like a dream, less gear changing easier to drive and less stress 👍👍 cheers Nick

TRIED & TESTED Data Calibrations Guarantee Mechanically Safe, Yet Impressive Results.

Original BHP 160
Tuned BHP 200
Original Torque (Nm) 350
Tuned Torque (Nm) 420
Torque (Increase) 70

WHY DRIVE A STANDARD VEHICLE when you can vastly improve driving enjoyment and fuel efficiency?

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