Posted 3 years ago by Omnipay

Does your payments provider promote your business?

Does your payments provider promote your business?

About this Promotion

This is not rocket science why wouldn't your payments provider to help you get more business?

Think about it?

The less business you do the less money they earn!

MyPay is different...... We understand that the better you do the stronger our business relationship becomes, remember it's not rocket science, in fact we are shocked no one has thought of it before!!

So we are here to help you in any way we can, not just a better payments deal, but a community of like-minded businesses helping each other to grow together.

Come and join the party!!

My name is Mark Leek, I am your business relations manager, ready and waiting to help you get involved.

Give me a call on 07818 584215 or drop me an email on
[email protected] and we can have a chat.