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Helping businesses Save and Grow

Helping businesses Save and Grow

About this Promotion

Why are you giving your hard-earned money away?

We see it every day, businesses working hard to earn money, but why do they give it away in other forms by not realising they can keep most of it?

Businesses up and down the country pay high charges on card machines and processing fees, be it face to face in their shop or online through their website and they do not realise that there is help out there for their business?

MyPay works completely different to any other merchant service provider, we want to give you your money back, not only that we want you to make a profit too, we advertise you and watch you grow nobody else can do this.

We strive to be different, we work with several partners to give you growth and an audience you didn't know you could reach. We would love to help you and your business just drop us a message it's that simple.

My name is Mark Leek, I am your business relations manager, ready and waiting to help you get involved.

Give me a call on 07818 584215 or drop me an email on
[email protected] and we can have a chat.