Posted 7 months ago by Tina.wilson independent Scentsy consultant

Join the T Team for £50 pound limited time only

Join the T Team for £50 pound limited time only

Tina.wilson independent Scentsy consultant

Join the T Team for £50 pound limited time only

About this Promotion

Thinking Of Joining Scentsy?
Are You Ready to Start Your Scentsy Career?
Although the popularity of Scentsy is growing fast in Certain UK City’s , there is currently a shortfall and we are looking for people to join our successful growing UK team.  This is an amazing opportunity to be one of our Scentsy consultants in and build a thriving sustainable business.  Full support and training will be given.
How Do I Sell Scentsy?
When you join and become a Scentsy Consultant, you are provided with a three-month FREE subscription to your own personal Scentsy website. At the end of the three months, it is only £10 a month to continue your subscription. The Scentsy website subscription is a “switch on and off” option with no tie in or obligation at all. This is a very powerful tool which enables you to generate online sales. As an additional bonus, Scentsy deal with the dispatch of orders generated through your website!
It is your business and you sell Scentsy how you choose to and feel confident with. I started by handing catalogues out to family and friends (who in turn passed the catalogues to their friends etc) and as soon as my confidence grew (which was very quickly due to the positive response I had already received)
I have established loyal customers who have then booked Scentsy home parties. Word of mouth is a fantastic selling tool and best of all it is free!
There are no catalogue drops, no minimum party requirements (you do not need to host parties if you don't feel comfortable with this), no target areas. The only requirement we have is that you sell 200prv (approximately £250) in one month within a three month period. Scentsy is very stress-free and best of all it is great fun!!
Support and Training
Once you join my team and become a Scentsy Consultant, you can be assured you will receive full support from not only myself but also fellow Scentsy consultants within my team and throughout the UK . We have a fantastic support network in the form of closed groups on Facebook. I have also developed a team resource centre for my Scentsy team where you will have access to valuable selling tools and where we can discuss and share hints and tips on how to make the most of this amazing opportunity!
I will help you every step of the way in not only creating and establishing your Scentsy business but also help in your continued success!
When You Join My Scentsy Team You Will Receive:



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