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Bottle Sand Art - £2.99!

Bottle Sand Art - £2.99!

By Snizl for The Range

Bottle Sand Art - £2.99!

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Create fun patterns in the sand easily
Provides you with a funnel, scoop, stick, 4 bright coloured sand bags, 4 different shaped bottles
Fun to do for hours
Create your own fun pictures in the sand with this Bottle Sand Art. Providing you with a funnel, scoop, stick and 4 bright colours to experiment with, you can create amazing shapes and designs easily. Each of the 4 bottles provided are odd shaped making it fun to use as you create your pattern. This sand art kit is fun to do for hours on end and is perfect to give as a gift to a friend or keep to display on your shelf proudly.

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Width: 31cm
Height: 22cm
Depth: 5cm

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