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Watermelon Smash Game: £19.99!

Watermelon Smash Game: £19.99!

By Snizl for Smyths Toys Superstores

Watermelon Smash Game: £19.99!

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A hilarious twist on water roulette
Fill with water or the included plastic seeds
Spin the spinner and press the melon on your head the number of times shown
If you get splashed, you’re out!

Are you ready for the Watermelon Smash?

Fill the watermelon with water or plastic watermelon seeds and crack it ‘til it smashes!

This hilarious game has players taking turns to press the watermelon on their head the number of times shown on the spinner. If the watermelon just cracks, you’re lucky. Because if it splashes, you get soaked!

Watermelon Smash is a brand new game of water roulette that’s sure to be a hit and it’s exclusive to Smyths Toys Superstores. This game will crack you up with every crack, building suspense at every turn. You never know just when the melon will smash, covering the player in watermelon seeds or water!

Be the last to get soaked to win—every time the melon smashes, a player is sent out of the game, shaking plastic seeds or water from their hair.

Watermelon Smash is the latest craze for kids who love daring games. Play indoors by filling the watermelon with the included plastic watermelon seeds, or take the fun outdoors and make a splash!

Note: Use only clean tap water or the plastic watermelon seeds provided to fill your Watermelon Smash. Dry the watermelon thoroughly before storing.


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