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Unisex Ridge Poncho - £150.00!

Unisex Ridge Poncho - £150.00!

By Snizl for Rohan Travel & Outdoor Clothes & Gear

Unisex Ridge Poncho - £150.00!

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Our waterproof, windproof and breathable Ridge Poncho offers complete protection for you - and your gear - in the very wettest weather.

It’s ideal for hiking, trekking, walking or exploring cities – especially in areas where the weather can change its mind without warning.

A poncho offers some very unique advantages (over a jacket) that make it the perfect choice in many situations. It’s easy to throw on quickly for one thing. It also encourages more airflow round the body – which can be handy in hot, humid conditions.

And, equally importantly, it offers some protection to your kit, as well as your body: which is particularly important for outdoor photographers or nature enthusiasts – you can quickly and easily stash your camera or binoculars away underneath the poncho in a sudden downpour.

Our Ridge Poncho is made from our high-specification 2.5-layer Barricade™ technology so it’s totally waterproof, windproof and highly breathable – you’ll see a lot of poncho designs that are made from waterproof fabrics but rather fewer that are also breathable. That struck us as rather odd: we all want a breathable jacket. Why would anyone put up with a non-breathable poncho?

The inside of the poncho has a P4Dry™ printed lining. This innovative technology is sustainably made from ground coffee beans and is incredibly good at controlling moisture. It’s extremely high wicking: any moisture that forms on the inside of the poncho is quickly transferred to the surface and released into the air. Keeping the weather on the outside while keeping you warm and dry on the inside. P4Dry™ technology is also great at preventing odours, keeping you feeling fresh on the move.

The kangaroo pocket at the front is secured with a YKK Aquagard™ waterproof zip and doubles up as a Packpocket™ into which the whole poncho packs for convenient stowage. The pocket is weatherproof, allowing you to store your belongings in a dry and safe place.

Another long YKK Aquaguard™ zipper on the chest makes the Ridge Poncho easy to put on or remove and allows you to fine-tune the ventilation.
Snapped side panels allow extra expansion and easy access. The hood is adjustable and has a bonded peak for increased protection.

Fabric: 71% polyester 29% polyurethane with 2.5-layer Barricade™ technology and Durable Water Repellency™

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