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Men's Helix Waterproof Jacket - £275.00!

Men's Helix Waterproof Jacket - £275.00!

By Snizl for Rohan Travel & Outdoor Clothes & Gear

Men's Helix Waterproof Jacket - £275.00!

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This men’s waterproof jacket is a waterproof to end all waterproofs.

Using 3-layer Barricade™ Knit waterproof technology, the Helix men’s rain jacket can withstand even the wettest of weather.

For a jacket to be labelled waterproof, it needs to have a Hydrostatic Head —the level of water a rain jacket can withstand before water gets in—of 1,500mm.

But we know, when it’s wet outside, waterproofing is not something you want to compromise on. So, this men’s waterproof jacket has an impressive Hydrostatic Head of 20,000mm. Essentially, it’ll keep you bone dry, all day, day after day.

Normally, that level of waterproofing comes with the loss of breathability. But we know breathability can be the difference between staying comfortable all day long and feeling clammy after only a few minutes. So, we didn’t want to compromise on that either.

The men’s Helix rain jacket has a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate—the amount of moisture vapour that can pass through fabric—of 20,000g per metre square every 24 hours. So, it’s the best of both worlds—super waterproof and super breathable.

And because there’s no point in having all of the features with none of the functionality, the Helix jacket is designed to be easy to pack and travel with. With a built in Packpocket™, the jacket packs into itself and takes up minimal space in your luggage. So, if your outdoor adventures are taking place on the other side of the world, the jacket can come with you.

And the pocket isn’t just for packing. We’ve including one internal zipped pocket and two external hand pockets which are big enough for an OS map and feature YKK Aquaguard® zips, so neither you nor your things get wet.

The men’s waterproof jacket doesn’t just keep out the rain, it’s windproof too. For added protection from the elements, the jacket has a dropped rear hem, adjustable hem and cuffs, and a fixed hood with a bonded peak, which can be rolled away when not needed. We can’t control the weather, but we can at least stop it getting to you.

Many of us head to the great outdoors to escape the busyness and bustle of daily life, so the last thing we want is a squeaky jacket cramping the mood. But, that’s often the case when it comes to waterproofs. Again, we couldn’t compromise on that. This men’s rain jacket is waterproof without the noise, rustle and whoosh and instead uses fabric that keeps things quiet. It’s also super soft and stretchy offering complete freedom of movement and comfort.

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