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50% Off Women's Radiant Merino Zip Fleece Jacket!

50% Off Women's Radiant Merino Zip Fleece Jacket!

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The Radiant Merino Jacket is the staple item you need for your next city adventure. Made from merino wool and polyamide, it is naturally anti-microbial, high wicking and super soft, whilst providing stability and durability it makes the perfect addition for your winter adventures.

Merino fibres have a natural crimp, this means that it does a great job of trapping still air which is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against cold winter days. Merino wool fibres are more flexible and softly bend when they are pressed against the skin, giving merino that sought after soft and warm to touch feel.

Merino wool is recognised as a 4-season fibre, whilst it works to keep you warm in the winter, when you’re powering up those hills or in the warmer weather it has the ability to wick away moisture from your skin and evaporates the moisture, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric.

Lightweight and packable, this jacket is suitable for any overnight excursion or more relaxed causal days. Two zipped hand pockets are a useful addition to securely hold your phone or wallet while you’re out and about.

Fabric: 63% Polyester, 29% Wool and 8% Elastane