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Super Slot Car Racing Set - SAVE £110!

Super Slot Car Racing Set - SAVE £110!

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

Super Slot Car Racing Set - SAVE £110!

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Feel the speed with this Police Interceptor super slot-car racing set!

Prepare to burn some serious rubber on the slot car circuit with this awesome pair of high performance sports cars! Pit them against each other in a head-to-head challenge that sees them tearing around this twisting circuit. Pull the trigger on each controller and the cars start to build up speed around the track, travelling faster the harder you pull. Loosen your grip on the corners to keep all four wheels on the ground, then really open it up on the straights to capitalise on massive speed boosts. You'll need all the power you can build to conquer the inverted loop! The track itself features a lap counter for each car, as well as several turns including a banking u-bend. It's a hugely fun and very addictive slot track set that will keep everyone entertained for hours.
Slot-car racing set
Features pair of sports cars
Large circuit with many turns
Pull trigger on controller to accelerate
Lap counter for each car
Inverted loop and banking u-turn
Mains powered
Track length 666cm
Layout 222 x 80cm

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