Posted 2 years ago by Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

SAVE 50% on this Gas Out Game!

SAVE 50% on this Gas Out Game!

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

SAVE 50% on this Gas Out Game!

About this Deal

Play a round of Gas Out and try not to get farted out of the game!

Meet Guster, the loveable fart cloud who lives in a constant state of intestinal discomfort. He's the centrepiece of Gas Out, a game for two to six players that challenges players to lay down cards and avoid some ghastly guffs! If your card has a number on it, you must tentatively press down on Guster the number of times stated. Most of the time, not much happens, but after any press there's a chance that Guster might let one rip and eliminate you from the game! Things get a little more interesting with special cards that reverse the direction of play or even skip players entirely. It's a gas.
Card laying elimination game
Includes farting gas cloud sound box
56 Gas Out cards
For two to six players
Includes 2 x AA batteries
27cm tall

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