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SAVE £200 on this HUBSAN X4 Brushless Drone with Live Stream Camera!

SAVE £200 on this HUBSAN X4 Brushless Drone with Live Stream Camera!

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

SAVE £200 on this HUBSAN X4 Brushless Drone with Live Stream Camera!

About this Deal

Equipped with a 1080P HD camera with live streaming, the Hubsan H501S X4 drone is simply incredible

Comes with free 4GB SD card and introduction pack

Cruise the skies with one of the most technologically advanced drones we've ever stocked at Hawkin's Bazaar, the Hubsan H501S! This is the next step up from other drones, being a hobby grade flying machine that's packed with the latest technology including a pinpoint accurate GPS positioning system and brushless motors for enhanced performance. It also features a front-facing 1080P HD camera that streams a live image to a monitor built into the controller, giving you a clear and crisp view of what the drone can see in real time.

This means that the Hubsan H501S is perfect for getting a bird's eye view of the area, whether you're scouting a location, inspecting inaccessible areas and rooftops, or just want to capture spectacular footage from high up in the sky. It's really simple to use as well, with one touch buttons to take photographs or to start and stop video recording. All images and videos are viewed in real time via the controller and can be saved directly onto an SD that slots into the side of the drone prior to take-off.

Camera functions aside, this drone is also an incredible flying machine. The brushless motors offer a staggering amount of lift, power and efficiency, drawing energy from a high-capacity battery that offers up to 20 minutes of flight time before it needs to recharge. This is assisted by the on board GPS that ensures the drone stays exactly where you position it, even in a strong wind. Not only that, but the drone's Follow Me mode even allows it to lock onto the co-ordinates of the controller and automatically follow it wherever you go. The GPS also gives the drone it's impressive Return to Home (RTH) function, which can be activated manually, or in the event of disconnection with the controller (e.g. if the batteries run out). With RTH activated, the H501S goes into autopilot mode and lands in the exact position from where it took off.

Take your interest in drones to the next level with the Hubsan H501S. It's fun to fly, is loaded with impressive features and streams incredible aerial footage directly to you.

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