Posted 3 years ago by Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

Save £10.01 on Spacebot 3000

Save £10.01 on Spacebot 3000

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

Save £10.01 on Spacebot 3000

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Enthusiasm for this disc shooting robot has gone through the roof here at Hawkin HQ! Push the bright red button on Mr Robot's chest and he springs to life with bleeps and flashing lights, saying "Hi, my name is Mike". There are so many ways to play with him using the remote control: instruct him to slide or walk forwards and backwards; ask him to perform two different dances (he provides his own energetic music). Hunt down enemies and Mike will fire high speed foam discs at them from his mouth. You can rotate his head left and right to get a better aim, making this robot deadly effective when all the control features are combined.

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