Posted 2 years ago by Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

Ice Cream Maker - ONLY £9.99

Ice Cream Maker - ONLY £9.99

By Snizl for Hawkins Bazaar

Ice Cream Maker - ONLY £9.99

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Want to make your own ice cream at home? It’s easy! Just pick up this marvellous contraption and you can be churning out chilled treats in no time at all. Just make up the ice cream mix as detailed in the simple recipe book (it’s mostly cream, milk and flavouring), then add crushed ice to the machine and you’re ready to go! Pour in the mixture and turn the handle to start the process. After just a couple of minutes you’ll notice the ice cream start to form on the roller. At this point simply grab a cup and collect the deliciously chilled goodness that’s ready to eat!

- Machine that makes ice cream
- Just add ice and ice cream mix
- Includes ice cream mix recipes
- Turn handle to make ice cream
- Ready in a few minutes
- Box 28cm tall

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