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360 globe set

360 globe set


360 globe set

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stylish ribbed locket 360
25mm Glass Orb
Quality Stainless Steel
Screw closure
complete with 18 ” trace chain
Gift set includes your choice of any three of our natural gemstones

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone, it promotes calm, balance and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience.
Amethyst is said to have healing properties. It Energises the mind, body and spirit, Great for helping with troubled sleep, dispels fear, anxiety and anger.

Rose Quartz
Often called the ‘Love’ stone, rose Quartz is known for every type of love, Family, self love, romantic and unconditional. It is good for attracting love, keeping love and also said to increase fertility. Encourages self forgiveness and brings comfort in times of grief for lost loved ones.

Black Obsidian
A protective truth enhancing stone,which shields against negativity.
Known to draw out mental stress and tension. Also said to reduce pain of arthritis, joint problems and cramps.

Mini Red Jade
A stone of physical vitality, strength and passion stimulating life-force energy, dispelling fear and doubt that holds you back, urges you to take action.

Green Olivine
Known to neutralise toxins. Olivine lightens jealousy, resentment, spite irritation and reduces anxiety opening hearts to joy. A stone that is also said to strengthen the immune system and metabolism.

Stone of health, helps get rid of negative energies and transforms them into positive ones. A good gemstone for purification and detoxification, especially when it comes to the heart, blood and lungs.

Grey Labradorite
A stone of transformation, useful through times of change gives strength and perseverance. Balances and protects the aura, Excellent for strengthening intuition.

Clear Quartz
The most powerful healing stone able to work on any condition, known as the stone of power, Enhances personal awareness, amplifies any energy and intention. Protects against negativity, relieves pain, aids concentration and balances the body.


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