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The Bay Horse boys

The Bay Horse boys

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The Bay Horse boys

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3:00pm, Sun May 20th
5:00pm, Sun May 20th

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Wait 'til The Boys Get Here
The Bay Horse Boys

10 tracks of storytelling weaving between country, blues, rock, bluegrass & murderous Americana noir. Stylistically mischievous, the Boys never settle for formulas & everything is up for grabs in the pursuit of engaging & entertaining the listener. It’s all about the stories all of which are….., well, dear reader, let’s go back to 1979……
Lead singer Simon Feasey leaves England with his brother Ade & heads to Louisiana to be near their mother & find work. They wind up working on off shore oil rigs in the Gulf Of Mexico. The opening track Oil Field Trash describes the hostility & violence surrounding migrant workers (some things never change) & details an all too common incident that the brothers experienced in a bar. The responsibility for another potentially violent mishap lies with the feisty Mr Feasey himself as documented in the confessional Wait ‘til The Boys Get Here
On a happier note, Stranger On The Bayou describes the sheer joy of Louisiana life for our young adventurers & the instant love affair the brothers have with Cajun culture. Friends & girlfriends make an appearance in Jackson Street, a bitter sweet tale of living of the small town American dream.
Two dark tales from older oil field workers provide the screenplay for Gone & The Third Time. These swampy grooves defy genre definition, the stories defy belief but they were passed on by word of mouth & now, slightly embellished, pass into legend via these songs.
Years pass, the Louisiana dream fades & Ade tragically loses his life in a car accident. Simon then writes the ballad South Of Lafayette which bridges the gap between 1982 & the present day.



3:00pm, Sun May 20th


5:00pm, Sun May 20th

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