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Event Dates

9:00pm, Sat Mar 10th
4:00am, Sun Mar 11th

About this Event

The idea of this movement is that it provides a platform for the next generation of ‘Sound System’ culture,
‘The Young and The Uprising’.

This includes new and fresh systems, as well as long standing sounds, all devoted to the culture.

The basis is that each night will consist of 3 sounds who will meet in a ‘Unity Session’ in the arena.
All sounds involved split door take equally with Dub Cub, so all win on that level.

Further to ‘Unity Sessions’, there will also be another style of night.
“Dub Cub – Warriors Cup” – which will be where 3 selected sounds are invited back to take part in a ‘Clash’ dance, with one be awarded The ‘Dub Cub Cup’. More info coming soon…

Its all about the positive energy and its all about the healthy vibes. All tribes welcomed.

This is something that I think can really help all involved with the aim it then becomes a platform to help push these sounds to a more established level as we continue to spread this love.

There is NO GUEST LIST on these events.
The sounds that come to play do so for the love of spreading positive vibrations through conscious music.
All that I ask is that we respect and support them by paying the very modest entrance fee. This alone massively helps with the varying costs of travel, (of which can be quite a bit considering there are guys coming from all over the U.K. especially for this one event), van hire and running of the system.
Please be respectful by contributing to the event.
If you’re not directly contributing to the night then you need to contribute at the door.

Where else can you get
-3 Heavy Sound Systems
-12v System (in garden) AND
-Free tortilla chips, veg sticks and dips
for only £5.



9:00pm, Sat Mar 10th


4:00am, Sun Mar 11th

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