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Morning Bloom Rug

Morning Bloom Rug

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£48.99 & Delivery Fee. The only way you can order is through my online link, there is no collections or drop offs please note as I have been asked before :) Please allow between 7 - 14 working day EXCLUDES weekends and bank holidays. Due to current circumstances they could be up to 21 working days. £2.50 postage up to £30.00. FREE Delivery OVER £30.00!x

Bright Colours
Washable (with light water touch)
Light Weight
Low Maintenance
Easy to roll up and store

Play Room, Dining, Bedroom, Bedside Runners, Lounge, Activity play area, Yoga rooms, Nursery, Kitchen runners, living room, hallway

Care Instructions:

Clean with hand and with cold water only lightly scrubbing with cloth or tissue
Allow it to dry
Do not use bleach / soap / chemicals.
Do not use a brush or scratch the surface with a brush.
Do not wash in the washing machine or tumble dry.