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Fiesta 04 Grey Rug

Fiesta 04 Grey Rug

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Prices starting from £49.99. Free Delivery on all orders :) Orders are between 7 - 14 working days excluding weekends and bank holidays. Due to COVID 19 orders can take up to 21 working days. You order through my online link. SET prices,no changing them also no collections or drop offs x

These are a top notch extra luxurious selection of semi **** rug. The fibres of this rug are super soft and thick unlike other semi **** rugs being offered for sale on eBay and have been designed to convey an exquisite look and rich feel. The pile height is a dense 30mm high and is made from a super soft 100% polypropylene yarn. The Fiesta range is one of its kind when it comes to a high end thick luxurious hand carved rug.

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Sizes Available:

- 80 cm x 150 cm = £49.99
- 120 cm x 170 cm = £84.99