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SAVE OVER 40% on this Magic Screen Etch A Sketch!

SAVE OVER 40% on this Magic Screen Etch A Sketch!

About this Deal

Everyone's favourite drawing tool!

The one and only original Etch A Sketch! Simply turn the knobs located on the product, left and right, up and down to create any drawing your imagination takes you to! To erase, simply turn the Etch upside down, shake and your original drawing will disappear so that you can start over again! Etch is the perfect travel size so that you can create your masterpiece wherever you go!

This classic toy was first created in the 1950's and continues to be one of the most loved, popular drawing tools around. Behind the magic screen sits aluminium powder. When the knobs are turned, the aluminium powder is then scraped off which creates the dark lines shown on the front of the glass screen.

Artists all over the world have used this classic toy to create imitations of famous landscapes and people. The possibilities are endless. Let your hands sketch where you imagination takes you. What will you Sketch?!

Suitable for ages 4+

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