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Tastes of America Package

Tastes of America Package

Truly Madly Sweetly

Tastes of America Package

About this Deal

Sale Price: £10.00
Saving: £2.50 (20%)

A deal worthy of a super bowl win! Our tastes of America package consists of 10 american classics for £10! It really doesnt get much better than that… Well unless you supersize & opt for the tastes of America theatre package!

This combo includes 1 each of the below items:

1 x Airheads (watermelon or apple)
Laffy Taffy Banana
Laffy Taffy Sour Apple
Annabelle Rocky Road S’Mores
Moon Pie
1 x Chewy Lemonhead (original lemon or berry awesome, or redrific or fiercely citrus)
Hershey’s Kisses
Jolly Ranchers Apple & Strawberry Hard Candy
Swedish Fish Tropical Theatre Box
Strawberry Grape Nerds
Usual price of items if sold separately is £12.50 so you receive a saving of over 20%!


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