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Simmering Salts 3 for £5

Simmering Salts 3 for £5

S'amazing Melts

Simmering Salts 3 for £5

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Simmering Salts are now back in stock 😘 2oz tubs £2 4oz tubs £3.75
Simmering Salts are so eco friendly, safe and they are easy to clean and can be used in both electrical and candle wax burners.

They are a natural salt based product and once your scent has evaporated (we would say 4-6 hours per 2 teaspoons) you simply pop in the bin to biograde, also making your bin smell wonderful.

To use you simply add two teaspoons to your burner and let the scent fill your rooms.

Available in any of our listed fragrances 😘


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