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Enjoy Calves Liver, just £3.95 – £7.95!

Enjoy Calves Liver, just £3.95 – £7.95!

By Snizl for Meat and Cleaver

Enjoy Calves Liver, just £3.95 – £7.95!

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A great butcher knows their meat. They’re passionate about quality, providing great value for money and advising you on the best cuts of meat to make your meals the best they can possibly be. They provide a highly-skilled service selling locally-sourced meat. They care about the welfare of the animals from where their meat comes. Traditional values such as these never go out of fashion.

Meet Sam.

Sam is passionate about delivering delicious, quality produce for his customers to serve at their tables. A second-generation butcher, this man is a skilled butcher. This man knows his meat.

Having been brought up in the family business, Sam has a wealth of experience and skills in traditional butchery. He also has the energy, vision and ambition to take his business forward in order to meet the demands of a modern consumer. Understanding that traditional butchers can no longer count on their customers visiting, Sam has extended his reach, offering the skills of a traditional butcher, with the convenience of an additional online butcher’s website. In short, Sam wants to offer his customers more. Much more.

Sam is particularly proud of his dry-aged beef, aged in-house for between 30-40 days for the very best flavour. Nothing him makes him happier than seeing a dry-aged Tomahawk steak being barbecued on his Traeger Grill.

Meet Sam; the proper butcher in Essex. A proper butcher online.

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