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Solo Holidays

Solo Holidays

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More people are going on solo holidays than ever before. There are many benefits to exploring the world by yourself, such as discovering a new destination at your own pace and enjoying the activities and sights you wish to see. Below, you'll find our latest solo travel deals featuring everything from sightseeing tours in Nepal to hiking trips along the Amalfi Coast.

Solo travel is also the perfect opportunity to be in the moment, with no distractions, and time to think and reflect. A trip alone can awaken that sense of adventure many of us have within, encouraging us to try something outside our comfort zones and make connections with new, like-minded people.

On this page, we've compiled a selection of tour deals and holidays that are perfect for single travellers. Book a solo trip to explore the natural wonders of Cambodia with a packed itinerary visiting a range of sights. Take off on your own journey of discovery to southern India and sample delicious food and marvel at architectural masterpieces. Whatever part of the world you want to see for yourself, you'll find a deal below that complements your tastes and budget.

Many of our solo holiday deals include flights, accommodation and sometimes an extra, such as an excursion or activity. We work with a range of renowned tour operators that will handle your booking once you've chosen your trip and dates.

Whether you’re looking for solo holiday breaks in the UK, are planning a city break for your next singles holiday or would prefer your solo travel to take you somewhere a little more exotic, you’ll find a destination to suit you here.